Which mutual fund in India is best to invest for good returns in 2-5 years?

I am glad you have specified the investment horizon, this makes answering easier.

Now since you can stay invested for a maximum of 5 years, I would advice a portfolio of 50% Equity Funds and 50% Debt Mutual Funds, that is if you stay invested for 5 years.

If you stay invested for anything less that 3 years then please invest in the ratio of 20% Equity Funds and 80% Debt Funds. This is a safe portfolio and will give you slightly higher return too.

Before you invest you need to have a goal which will tell you how long you should stay invested. It would not be smart to invest in a 50:50 portfolio and then withdraw your money after 2 years. You would be subjecting your money to a lot of risk.

Create a SMART goal first:

Specific- investing for Retirement Fund, dream home, child’s education, Car/bike etc

Measurable- Accumulate an amount of 3 Lakhs in 4 years by investing 2 lakhs.

Achievable and Realistic- Accumulating 3 Lakhs in 2 years by investing 2 lakhs is neither achievable nor realistic. However, creating a corpus of 3 Lakhs in 4 years by investing 2 lakhs in a portfolio of 50% Equity Funds and 50% Debt Funds is achievable and realistic.

Time bound- Creating a family vacation fund in 4 years. The time horizon is 4 years.

You can find the best performing Equity and Debt Mutual Funds here.
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You could also use an investment app like Mintwalk to make you investments in Mutual Funds easy and convenient.

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