Now is the epoch of Big Data

With the development of networking and information technology, data and storage need become more important. Moving with that flow, Big Data can be said to be a new and potential development trend in this era.

Technological Revolution

Big Data is a term used to refer to a very large and complex set of data that traditional data processing tools and applications cannot handle. Statistics show that over the past two years, global data volumes have accounted for 90% of the digital data generated since digital technology.

Big Data is a new and potential development trend in this era

As we know, in the process of inventing personal computers, companies spend millions of dollars on bulky computers for data processing. Apple and Microsoft have changed that by putting computers in every home. With Big Data, too, when the prices of large memory, high-speed processing dropped, companies could access large volumes of data both inside and outside the company, thereby providing a key assessment. Identify the market, seize the opportunity and make a profit.

Big Data is directed at many people

It can be said that businesses have never been “thirsty” for the current “Big Data” as more and more companies realize the tremendous benefits of data extraction and analysis their business. By going through the job market, it’s not hard to see the paychecks and dozens of other attractive jobs like “data scientist” or “data analyst.”

Big Data is the most searched keyword on LinkedIn, and of course, those of you who are leading the field will be headhunters on a regular basis.

With soaring demand, if you are analytical minded and capable of processing data, getting into this industry early will greatly increase your chances of advancement.

The good news is that in the past few years, many training programs have met the needs of large data professionals. However, most training institutions are overseas universities.

Examples are advanced data science programs or advanced analytical studies at the Columbia Institute of Scientific and Technological Research, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Imperial University, University. North Carolina, Syracuse University, and the University of Tennessee,…

Big Data do for us?

In general, there are four benefits that Big Data can bring: cutting costs, reducing time, increasing development time and optimizing products, and helping people make the right decisions physical.

If you pay a little attention, you will see when shopping online on eBay, Amazon or similar sites, this page will also offer the next hint for you, for example when viewing the phone, it will suggest for you to buy extra backs, extra batteries; When buying t-shirts, there are more suggestions for jeans, belts,… . Therefore, the study of hobbies, habits of customers also indirectly help businesses sell more goods.

Applied by Big Data can help organizations predict government unemployment rates, career trends of the future to invest in those items, or cut spending, stimulate economic growth,…


Effective exploitation of data resources has been a matter for every country. The investment and development of Big Data as a major push for sustainable development in all industries.


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